"I visited BOFIT for 4 times between 2011 and 2014, where I presented on-going work at seminars and later published two papers in the BOFIT Discussion series.  During my visits at BOFIT, I had access to research data and publications, interacted with colleagues on various topics that they are working on whether or not they were directly related to my interests, and received constructive feedback on improving my own research. The open lectures and seminars were particularly stimulating and conducive to fostering an even more intellectual, professional, and friendly environment. I felt that my productivity increased during my visits because there was no pressure whatsoever from BOFIT for me to deliver results during my visits; rather, there was mutual trust that a positive research outcome would eventually follow. I found the diversity of other visiting researchers to be particularly enriching, as I was able to interact with them and learn about their culture as well as conveying my own.

The organization of all my visits was seamless, with all details being taken care of before having to follow-up on any matter.  I particularly enjoyed our daily group walks with colleagues to the cafeteria for lunch where I also was exposed to the broader BoF community, and I very much liked the cookie corner on the floor. I warmly thank the BOFIT family for having me in the visiting researchers programme. With that, I wish the BOFIT many happy returns on its 30th anniversary—Congratulations!"