"I visited BOFIT on several occasions: for a one-month research stay in February-March 2011, and for several shorter visits at other times. When possible, I tried to combine a research trip to the region with a short stay at BOFIT; in this way, I visited BOFIT when attending conferences in Helsinki and Jyväskylä and when giving a short course at the University of Tartu in Estonia. Sadly, my latest stop-over at BOFIT while attending a conference in St Petersburg had to be cancelled because of the current pandemic.

I enjoy visiting BOFIT, and try to return whenever I can, because BOFIT offers a unique blend of a vibrant and stimulating working environment, excellent research and administrative support, and welcoming and friendly social environment. I enjoy equally the high level of discussions at the weekly BOFIT seminars, informal chats over coffee afterwards, or socializing with beer in the evenings. BOFIT is exceptional in offering a meeting place for researchers and academics from East and West: on each of my visits, I met new colleagues from Russia, China or other Eastern countries, but also from Western Europe or the United States. Last but not least, the members of BOFIT staff possess unique expertise and deep knowledge of Eastern European countries and China, which they are very happy to share with their visitors. Therefore, BOFIT is an ideal place to advance one's research, establish new contacts or reinforce existing ones, and reinvigorate and broaden one's research agenda."