"I visited BOFIT in Sep 2012 when I was still a PhD student at Tilburg University. BOFIT provided great support for research such as nice office, resourceful data, and generous funding. It was a great experience in Helsinki when I finished a chapter of my thesis on the shadow banking in China, and I benefited a lot from the discussions with the colleagues at BOFIT. Thanks to the great platform at BOFIT, I got to know a nice group of visiting researchers all over the world, who became my coauthors and good friends afterwards. What’s more, I returned to BOFIT again in the fall of 2014 when I was an assistant professor at VU Amsterdam. I really enjoyed the visiting and participated actively in the seminars and conferences in the bank. I have achieved a lot in research during the visits at BOFIT, while some papers were published later at Journal of Banking & Finance and Journal of Financial Intermediation, etc.

I also walked a lot in the city when off work, such as Suomenlinna and Nuuksio National Park, which impressed me with unforgettable memories of the city. Hopefully I have the opportunity to visit BOFIT again in the coming future."