​Tiistai 13.9.2016 klo 10:30–11:30


Andrey Tkachenko (Higher School of Economics): Does public procurement improve firms performance? Case of Russian manufacturing enterprises


Public Procurement is one of the main mechanisms by which states and businesses may interact. On the one hand public procurement can be used as an indirect mechanism to achieve important government objects such as stimulating small- and medium-sized business development, but on the other, public procurement can also be a source of corruption or rent-seeking. So, can public procurement help to improve firms’ overall performance or it just gives the rent for interacting agents? Moreover, there might be significant difference in performance between state-owned firms and non-state-owned firms that got access to public procurement. To answer this question, I use the unique survey of 2092 Russian manufacturing enterprises carried out across 60 Russian regions in 2014. This survey covers the wide spectrum of different firms’ activity during 2011-2013 that are not publicly available. As performance indicators different firms’ financial factors are consider that are collected from Spark-Interfax and Ruslana. Information about firms’ public procurement activity is collected from the government’s open official site www.zakupki.gov.ru from 2010-2014.



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