​The Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT) conducts high-level research on transition economics and monitors economic developments in Russia and China. Research focuses on (but is not limited to) issues related to macroeconomic performance and financial markets in transition economies. BOFIT publishes a discussion paper series and also a more policy-oriented BOFIT Online series. In addition, BOFIT Weekly follows economic developments in Russia and China.

BOFIT welcomes applications for posts in its Visiting Researchers Programme. Scholarships for 1–6 months are available for high-level research projects in areas pertinent to the Institute's research objectives. However, senior scholars seeking shorter research visits will also be considered.

Visiting researchers have access to all BOFIT facilities, including data and computer resources. Visiting researchers are expected to participate actively in BOFIT seminars and other research activities. Scholars focusing on the Russian or Chinese economy will be given priority. 

Initially, the projects undertaken during the visit should appear in the BOFIT Discussion Paper series. Submission of papers to high-level academic journals is strongly encouraged.

We now welcome applications for autumn/winter 2012.
The application period for the first half of 2013 will be in August-September 2012.

To apply, please submit a detailed CV together with a summary of the suggested research project in English by 1, April 2012 to laura.solanko@bof.fi. The research proposal should include the preferred timing of the visit and the requested salary. Scholars who have not been visiting researchers at BOFIT during the last two years are particularly encouraged to apply. Willingness to contribute to BOFIT Online series and joint projects with regular BOFIT staff are highly appreciated.

Further information about the programme may be obtained from:

Mr. Iikka Korhonen, Head of BOFIT
Phone +358 10831 2272
Email: iikka.korhonen@bof.fi

Ms. Laura Solanko, Adviser
Phone +358 10831 2291
Email: laura.solanko@bof.fi