"I had the great fortune to be a visiting researcher at BOFIT for a few weeks in Ju-ly/August 2017. A research stay always allows you to leave the routine of your own environment behind and concentrate on research. Of course, this was also the case at BOFIT. But even in this short time, I quickly felt part of BOFIT due to its warm at-mosphere. The exchange with the colleagues and the other guest researchers has brought me further in my research and has given me new impulses. It was a great pleasure for me to get involved with the BOFIT region and to be back on the pulse of developments as the more subtle changes taking place are not less important than the most obvious steps having taken place at the beginning of transition.

And, of course, it was very nice to learn more about Helsinki and life in a Nordic country. In the great research seminars, participants from all over the world could join via zoom – in 2017 (!). In any case, BOFIT is very active in fostering exchange be-tween interested researches and making the network very active. I have very good memories of my research stay at BOFIT. BOFIT and all those who work at the insti-tute, congratulations on your 30th birthday! I wish you continued success in all your important tasks and the great work you do for networking."