The Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies, BOFIT, is an internationally high-level research institute specialising in emerging economies that monitors and analyses current developments in Russia and China. BOFIT conducts long-term academic research focusing on issues relating to macroeconomics and financial markets in emerging economies. In addition, it conducts research on the economic structures of Russia and China.

BOFIT not only assists the Bank of Finland and other public institutions; we also serve private businesses, academic bodies, the media and interested individuals both in Finland and abroad.

BOFIT’s work is supported by an extensive network of international relations, consisting of contacts with public authorities and research institutes in the countries studied and cooperation with international experts and organisations. In the European System of Central Banks, BOFIT is a prominent and recognised expert in the economic development of the countries it studies. Via BOFIT’s visiting economist programme, eminent experts from around the world are a constant presence within the research institute.

Visiting researchers present their research in regularly held BOFIT seminars. The research and analyses of visiting researchers and BOFIT’s own experts are published in the BOFIT Discussion Papers and BOFIT Policy Brief publication series. The research institute’s newsletter, BOFIT Weekly Review, covers issues of current interest.

The economic outlook for Russia and China is analysed in the BOFIT Forecast for Russia and the BOFIT Forecast for China. The BOFIT Briefing on Russia and the BOFIT Briefing on China discuss current economic and economic policy issues in the countries.