The Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies (BOFIT), with its main focus on Russia and China, monitors and analyses current trends in emerging economies. We also track global developments and support academic enquiry into the macroeconomic and financial market challenges facing emerging economies.

Besides supporting the mission of the Bank of Finland and other public institutions, BOFIT research has become a valuable asset for the business community, academic bodies and interested persons in Finland and internationally.

BOFIT activities are supported by an extensive network of international relations comprising public officials, research institutes, as well as many international experts and organisations. BOFIT is recognised within the European System of Central Banks as an expert agency on emerging economies. Our Visiting Scholar Programme assures that high-level international researchers are a constant presence at BOFIT.

In addition to visiting scholar presentations at BOFIT seminars, we arrange scientific conferences annually and hold regular workshops. Papers authored by visiting scholars, international colleagues and our own experts are published in the publication series BOFIT Discussion Papers and BOFIT Policy Briefs. As part of routine monitoring, the BOFIT Weekly Review appears each week in both English and Finnish.

Our economic outlooks for the Russian and Chinese economies are published twice a year. Virtual and physical BOFIT Briefings on Russia and China are also held twice a year in Finnish to sharpen current economic policy discussions within Finnish society.