BOFIT’s aim is to produce economic policy-oriented applied research that is methodologically sound and based on relevant literature on economic theory.

A very important part of our work is networking with academic colleagues both domestically and internationally. This is promoted by the Visiting Researchers Programme as well as regularly held BOFIT seminars and conferences. Research cooperation with colleagues in different universities and research institutes is also an important element of networking.

Key economic and economic policy issues of current interest are discussed twice a year in BOFIT information briefings. The spring briefing focuses on Russia and the winter briefing on China. Information briefings are presented only in Finnish.

BOFIT’s experts undertake long-term research as well as more practical analyses of topics of current interest. Analyses are published in the BOFIT Policy Brief series and academic research in the BOFIT Discussion Papers series, where the research of BOFIT’s visiting researchers is also published.

Many of BOFIT’s researchers also publish their research reports in external publications.

Visiting researchers programme

The Visiting Researchers Programme is a key resource in BOFIT’s research work. The programme offers researchers the opportunity during their visits to focus on their research work and to participate in BOFIT’s active seminar and research programme. »Read more

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