​Tuesday 16th August 2016 at 10:30–11:30

Ilari Määttä (ETH Zürich, NADEL Center for Development and Cooperation) will present his paper co-authored with Zuzana Fungáčová and Laurent Weill entitled

What Shapes Social Attitudes towards Corruption in China? Micro-Level Evidence

This research investigates the determinants of corruption in China using micro-level data. We use survey data on 6,000 households from 28 provinces and estimate logit models to explain how perception of corruption and attitude towards corruption are shaped by a set of individual and provincial determinants. We find that lower social-class respondents and Chinese Communist Party members perceive and reject corruption more. People in rural areas perceive corruption less but do not differ in their attitude towards corruption. Furthermore, we find a strong influence of the provincial framework. Variation among the provinces is significant and provincial characteristics play a big role in explaining the perceptions and the attitudes towards corruption.

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