BOFIT forecasts: Growth in Russia will be good although slowing, Chinese economy will grow rapidly​

BOFIT forecast for Russia projects GDP growth of about 3.5% pa in 2012–2014. Growth is projected to slow towards the end of the forecast period, while the oil price is assumed to decline slightly. Russia’s imports are expected to increase about 7% pa. The risks around the forecast are mostly downward.
The pace of economic growth in China continues to be strong, despite a slight slow-down. China's GDP is expected to grow 8% pa in 2012–2013, slowing to 7% in 2014. The slowing pace of growth is a reflection of structural factors in the economy. Sorting out problems caused by a credit bubble related to the earlier stimulus policy causes problems for the current economic policy. Continuing with economic reforms forms another hard-to-manage policy entity.
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